Arctic Adventures

This Februrary, it’s all about ecosystems! Each week we’re traveling to a different ecosystem with our Casa Búho students to explore the nature and differences that exist between these places and our coastal home.

This past week, we traveled to the Arctic, discussing the differences between the north and south poles as well as where polar bears live as opposed to penguins. The kids were shocked to find out that we have penguins living in our country too, in the Galapagos, of course.

On Monday, we began our “summer vacation course” partnership with La Fogata, a local hostel. Students on the coast of Ecuador are currently on “summer” vacation between now and April. This week, they learned about Arctic wildlife, crafted some origami penguins, then split up to learn how to box, play chess, and go crazy with ping pong!

On Tuesday, our Baby Búhos filled up some chilly polar bears with crepe paper to practice their sensory abilities.

That afternoon, our class worked hard using watercolors and markers to create their own versions of polar bears and northern lights after learning about the Aurora Borealis.

On Wednesday, we made our own sparkly, cool-colored sun catchers silhouetting a variety of arctic animals. By the end of class, arctic hares, polar bears, narwhals, and penguins were all reflecting light together.

On Thursday afternoon, with our Peque Búhos class, we got messy with white paint and, using the “ink-blot” technique, made our own little penguins.

Friday afternoon finished with a surprise trip to the beach- we had arctic animal valentines in the plans, but the weather had other (very convincing) ideas. Our kiddos had a blast splashing around in the ocean to cool off, and to kick off next week’s ocean ecosystem!