Casa Boo-oh!

The U.S. started preparations for Halloween this week, meaning Casa Búho was also hard at work finishing up our month of monsters.

The Monday morning and afternoon classes on Monday got a special treat as they made spooky ghosts out of tissue paper and a lollipop! Afterwards, we played several rounds of “complete the monster” in which we created an abundance of imaginary monsters by drawing one addition and passing our creations down the line. 

On Tuesday, the Baby Búhos practiced their fine motor abilities by putting pom poms in a water bottle. We then made tiny pumpkin “stress balls” out of balloons and flour. The kiddos loved filling them with flour and playing with them!

That afternoon, we made Dracula-themed headbands with our Tarde de Lectura group after reading tales of a monster that lives in the countryside and his cousin that lives in the city.  

On Thursday, we visited San Isidro and shared some facts about Halloween as the students made darling pumpkins with watercolors and a crayon resist technique. 

The Peque Búhos on Thursday afternoon continued with the same activity with pom poms as the Baby Búhos, this time practicing how to count. Afterwards, we made monsters with numbers! There was one body, two eyes, three teeth, and four arms! Our Peque Búhos are now extra prepared for their math lessons. 

On Friday, we had special visitors from Oso Lector, a children’s literature bookstore in Quito. Over 20 of our kiddos showed up to hear Carolina read their favorite stories during la hora del cuento. Afterwards we introduced them to our new favorite game “complete the Frankenstein” and completed the week with a very competitive game resulting in victory for the “Zombie Búhos.”