Celebrations come to Casa Búho

It’s hard to believe that it’s already December, but here in Casa Búho, we area already working hard to recognize the many festivals around the world that take place around this time. 

Our Mañana and Tarde de Lectura groups are learning about “fiestas del mundo” in order to understand that there are more celebrations beyond Christmas. It has been a delightful exploration into different countries and continents that they may not have previously known about. Our Mañana de Lectura group is working hard to complete a series of “challenges” based on the information they learn about holidays such as Kwanzaa, Hannukah, and Diwali. They receive the challenges, are provided the supplies and must rely on their imaginations to create the holiday-related project. On Monday we covered Kwanzaa and their symbolism of corn, as well as Hannukah and the use the Star of David. 

On Friday, the students compared our celebrations to those of Diwali and Ramadan by creating Diya candles and crescent moons.

Our afternoon group learned about the same holidays but in a different style. They are working to complete a booklet about “fiestas del mundo” that contains all of their art projects representing celebrations from around the world. It has been so exciting seeing them remember the name of a certain country, continent, or celebration because it reminds us that we can open their eyes to the world.

On Monday, we painted dreidels

On Tuesday, we made the Diya candle from Diwali.

On Wednesday, we made paper lanterns to represent Ramadan.

On Friday, our volunteer, Franka, helped them make Saint Niklaus from her country of Germany.

Franka also worked with our school groups to introduce the common celebrations from Germany.

Our Baby Búhos group may be young, but that won’t stop them from making Christmas-themed decorations for around the house. We used tempera paint as finger paint and they decorated tiny little Christmas trees with an assortment of ornaments.

Our Peque Búhos group also made ornaments by gluing tissue paper over a star to hang on their trees. 

The temperatures are warming up here, but we are still excited to begin decorating the trees and celebrating festivities around the world.