Feeling Super!

We quite literally flew into the new year this week kicking things off with a month of superheroes! Now, I know you’re probably thinking Superman, Batman, maybe Thor… but we shook things up a little bit and focused more on how we can be our own superheroes! With our morning and afternoon groups, we covered different positive traits that a superhero should have as we built a superhero suit throughout the week!

On Monday, our morning group learned about being brave as they decorated their own escudos (shields). We focused on how wee can be brave in our everyday lives and that can translate to building our own self esteem in the future 

And that afternoon, the class partook in their own versions of the shields…

On Tuesday morning, our Baby Búhos group got messy by creating 3D art with colored rice which makes for a creative way to learn colors and experiment with touch and design.

That afternoon, we made superhero cuffs. As the students began to identify their own superhero identity, we discussed the importance of positivity when we confront problems. 

On Wednesday, we talked about communication and how to use it appropriately in certain difficult situations before we made superhero masks!

With our Peque Búhos group on Thursday, we got creatively active. We spent our “hora de cuento” singing songs with a guitar accompaniment. Then the kiddos and moms split up into smaller groups and passed around cards that dictated different movements they had to follow to keep them busy and get in the superhero mindset!

Then, on Friday, we covered our final superhero trait- confidence! The students cut out their own superhero capes and decorated them with their superhero personas then competed in a few races around Casa Búho.