Casa Búho currently leads several programs for promoting reading in children:

Mi Tarde de Lectura

The first program, which is how Casa Búho got started is called “Mi tarde de Lectura” (My Reading Afternoon). We work with a group of schools in Machalilla and the sessions are designed for children of elementary school. Age ranges are between 6 and 12. This program is available to children after school with reading aloud being the soul of this initiative. We believe, and are based on several different studies, that reading to children creates bonds and builds bridges that allow them to develop their literary taste and love for books. We are responsible for generating this encounter between children and books.

Baby Búhos

Our second program is called “Bebés Búhos” (Baby Owls). We work with babies of age range 6  months to 2 years. The earlier a person is exposed to books, the better chances they have of becoming a reader in the future. In parallel we work with the child’s mother or legal guardian. This allows us to do a more complete work making the child’s development at home easier.

Súper Lectores

Our third program is called “Súper Lectores” (Súper Readers). As part of this program Casa Búho lends books to children to be taken home and read. Later an exchange can happen between the reading promoter and the children where the main topics the child enjoyed about the book are discussed.

There is a fourth program called “English for Kids”. We believe Machalilla as a developing touristic town can benefit greatly from having people who can speak english and help tourists in their pass through this wonderful place.