Starting off November in Casa Búho

As things gear up for our Inauguration party on November 16, Casa Búho has also been busy with a plethora of activities with kiddos and preparations for the fiesta. In the few pockets of time we have this month, we are focusing on artists and the use of art as a medium to overcome hardships.

On Tuesday morning, our Baby Búhos continued their exploration of color. We read one of our new books titled “Cocodrilo”  as they practiced matching colored pom-poms with colored tubes. This focused their sensory-motor skills and helped them practice their colors- both recognizing them and matching them to different shades. 

This whole week, our Tarde de Lectura group began a project of Kamishibai which is a traditional Japanese form of storytelling. We are hoping to unveil their presentation in time for the Casa Búho inauguration. 

In conjunction with our theme this month, we reviewed the life of Frida Kahlo with our school group on Thursday morning. We read the book Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos by Monica Brown. We discussed the power of imagery, symbolism and self portraits as they worked hard filling in a coloring page of her self portrait. 

That afternoon, our Peque Búhos group continued their focus of mathematics this month. They each had a stick with a number placed on it and were required to fill that stick with the same number of clay balls. The older students worked on practicing matching colors and adding and subtracting. 

This past Sunday, all Casa Búho families joined together to organize a bingo in order to raise money for our inauguration this Saturday. Everyone from the nearby neighborhoods to our very own Casa Búho students joined in.

We are nearing our date of inauguration and are excited to be sharing a new era of Casa Búho with our friends in Machalilla and around the world. Stay tuned for our update next weekend!