The Celebrations Continue

The second week of December in Casa Búho has once again been filled with celebrations from around the world!

Our Mañana de Lectura group has continued their conquest of challenges. They learned about the Philippines use of the star and Mexico’s tradition of Las Posadas and piñatas on Monday…

And about Chinese New Year and Santa Lucia Day from Sweden on Friday by constructing fans and Santa Lucia’s crown.

Mi Tarde de Lectura covered Christmas in the Philippines on Monday by making star ornaments out of cardstock… and lots of concentration!

On Tuesday, they learned about Chinese New Year, memorized the zodiac sign for the year they were born in and made fans to ring in the new year with good luck.

Our Wednesday class read a story about a Mexican posada and a girl’s search for a perfect piñata after which they made 3D piñata collages. 

On Friday, Mi Tarde de Lectura completed their trip around the world in holiday celebrations learning about Santa Lucia Day celebrated in Sweden with Santa Lucia crowns.

Our Baby Búhos group got messy with homemade play dough that was intended to be an ornament for the house. After two days, it will dry with their handprints!

Our Peque Búhos also explored their sculptural skills by crafting tiny ornaments with the play dough!

Christmas is quickly approaching and Casa Búho will not be missing out!