Casa Búho is an initiative currently operating in Machalilla, Manabí, a coastal town of Ecuador where children have little or no access to children’s literature and quality books. Casa Búho is able to operate thanks to the effort of friends and volunteers who believe in this project and its mission as described in section “Who we Are”. Our longer term goal is not only to give children access to literature but also to provide them with a physical space where they can explore books and learn to love literature and reading in general.

We are a self-financed project, which makes this effort even more challenging, however our work is extremely gratifying and we expect to continue doing it in more places and for as many children as possible.

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Project aims and objectives for Machalilla

Casa Búho aims to improve the reading and literacy skills of children in the project area by providing free and regular access to enjoyable and challenging books. The Project is active year round.

Program Director

Valeria Sáenz is Casa Búho’s full time director. She works directly with children, performs the reading aloud sessions and participates in many other activities together with the volunteers.

Casa Búho also counts with the help of a part time house host and other local volunteers composed of mostly family and friends.

Esta entrevista fue realizada en mayo del 2017 por Hanni Nasser (Líbano) quien está viajando por el mundo realizando trabajo voluntario. Su canal de Youtube es: The way I see the world