Abstract Art and the Amazon

We had another calm but never less exciting week at Casa Búho. The kiddos are in exams this past and coming week, so we had less students than usual. September has become somewhat of our celebration of the animal kingdom, and more specifically, of the Amazon Rainforest.

Monday’s Mañana and Tarde de Lectura created a dog bookmark origami in celebration of National Dog day that was the previous Monday.  They added their own personal touches to the pups and were excited to use them in their notes when studying for exams. We paired the project with the book Pantuflas de Perrito (Doggy-Shaped Slippers) a charming story about an assortment of pets and their quirks.

This September for Baby Búhos is Septiembre Sensorial (Sensory September), where we’re putting together individual sensory books for all of our dear babies. We are doing two pages of the book every week, each week focused on a different sense of touch. This past week we focused on soft and used cotton and feathers. The moms had a blast drawing out clouds and sheep for the cotton and all sorts of birds for the feathers. We’re excited to see how the books turn out so that the babies can continue experimenting with their sense of touch and relation of touch to objects at home. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we got abstract and painted with tissue paper. The intention was to create a jungle themed design on top of the collaged colors, but the kiddos were excited to just observe the transfer of colors from tissue to paper and how the richness in hue could vary. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Tarde de Lectura group learned about cubism and abstract art to create rainforest animals. Much like any young students, they were determined to make their abstract art as realistic as possible, but their use of shape and color showed a clear understanding of the concept. 

Thursday was World Amazon Day, so with our fourth-grade class, we read stories from Desde la Selva Profunda, a collection of legends from around South America. They then concentrated on coloring in an Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest coloring sheet while learning the names of all the animals depicted. 

Thursday afternoon, the Peque Búhos group worked on a more advanced form of sensory and used modeling clay to fill in drawings of Amazon animals. From snakes, to monkeys, they clearly enjoyed “coloring” with clay.

Fridays Mañana and Tarde de Lectura continued the Amazon animal theme. The morning class learned about cubism and created their own cubist animalitos, while the afternoon class painted a snake with watercolors and crayons.