Month of Monsters

Casa Búho continued its Month of Monsters, this time exploring “real-life” monsters. After two weeks of strike, the country has somewhat returned to normal, as has the schedule of Casa Búho- slowly but surely. 

On Monday afternoon, we held a “tarde de cine” (movie afternoon) for all of our older students. We shuttered the windows to Casa Búho, turned on our movie projector and popped some popcorn as they watched Zombiellenium, the chilling tale of a zombie theme park based on a popular comic series. Afterwards, we discussed how many monsters we counted in the movie and whether or not they’re actually real….

Our Baby Búhos group continued tactile exploration with sensory bags- this time filled with a little bit of water, food coloring, and googley eyes. They squished around the colorful insides to fill up the monster faces drawn on the bag and to match up the eyes. While the sensory activities may appear simple, they are essential to the development of these kiddos by encouraging exploration through the senses and preparing them for recognizing similar themes in their surroundings as they grow.

On Thursday, we completed both of our school visits in which we read a story about a monster learning to recognize all of his emotions. They they played “complete the monster” and turned their imaginations on to fill in how they pictured the the monster based on the few characteristics already drawn. We were blown away by their creations- from spooky octopuses to scary blobs with 4 eyes to monsters reimagined from Monsters Inc.

Our Peque Búhos group got messy and made an hombre lobo (werewolf) out of their handprints and a little bit of cotton. The students and their moms are still in the process of learning the eskimo kiss song, so we we’ve had a lovely “mashup” of themes- chilling in both senses of the word.

Friday’s groups learned about our last “real-life monster” on the list- the Loch Ness Monster! They cut out and designed their own perception of the monster and turned them into puppets. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Casa Búho held a photoshoot for a special project that we are excited to be revealing soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for our next week of monsters!