What We Saw Under the Sea

This past week, as we entered the festivities of Carnaval, we also explored the ecosystem that is in, quite literally, our own back yard- the ocean!

On Monday, we continued our vocational courses at La Fogata Hostel as the kiddos continued their boxing skills, learned piano, and got busy with chess and monopoly.

Our baby class on Tuesday mixed some colors together and added some sandy textures to make their very own sensory beach scenes.

That afternoon, our older students also learned about texture in art, as they used aluminum foil to make ocean creatures and collage paper to complete the shimmery underwater scene.

On Wednesday, we read A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle and then made our own “collage” crabs. The kiddos learned the “paint splatter” technique to make the crab’s shell and their own hands for the body, it was a tedious but very rewarding, and only slightly messy, project!

On Thursday afternoon, our Peque Búhos practiced a myriad of painting techniques, as they decorated the 5 arms of a starfish. Their favorite was the splatter, but it was also exciting to explore the different textures of shells and how they can make different prints with paint and paper.

Due to a 5-day weekend for Carnaval, Casa Búho was closed on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, (because Ecuadorians like a long weekend party.) We’re excited to wrap up our February ecosystems this coming week!